I think it's a very serious thing that you who are a foreigner look for a residence in Japan.
How to look for it doesn't understand renting. Is English understood? I think many worrying things come out.
Because to reduce such anxiety even a little, the careful point when borrowing an apartment in Tokyo, was gathered this time.
Please utilize the person thinking he'll live there in Japan and the person who considers a move at present by all means now.

I'll have its 1 and a flow until contract in mind, and it's moving.
I'd like to move, but I don't know how to do. How to choose a renting property isn't understood.
First, I'll learn about a flow until a day of moving into from a room search.
Basically, I visit in real estate company. You introduce a property. A property is visited, considered and covenanted. I move after procedure.
This will be a general flow of a room search.
When being sometimes completed in about 10 days as a schedule, it takes 12 months.
It's an important thing to choose the room where one lives, so it may be better to consider carefully.
But, because it's chosen carefully, and it's too tortured, and there is also a possibility that the property made a candidate disappears.
" It's here!" If I encounter the good property which says so, I'll suppress it.

I'll pay attention to the 2 and guarantor system.
After a renting contracting party chooses as sickness, an accident and unemployment with a guarantor.
When a rent couldn't be paid any more, instead I point at the person who shoulders responsibility for payment.
If I'm a foreigner, I have to have a Japanese guarantor at the time of a renting bond.
There is also a case that even the foreigner who can speak Japanese is no problem by a case.
That it won't be when not having that, has a Japanese guarantor basically, and is most.
Oh? I and I can't have a guarantor because there isn't an acquaintance in Japan.
Such, there isn't a well-qualified person close, a company of guarantor vicarious execution service is for the ones.
Because there are a lot of cases real estate company introduces about vicarious execution service.
A Japanese guarantor doesn't become worried because it isn't made, and how about consulting casually?