The Japanese Van is very popular as a superior commercial vehicle abroad.
The demand for used car is higher than a new car, and most hope for the purchase abroad.
Therefore, in the country, I can purchase a Van without worrying about a price collapse.
The popularity burns down if I graze even a popular sportscar how many years if a parenthesis is good, and a price collapse may be caused when I sell it.
However, it is not necessary to worry about having a price collapse at the degree for three or four years because there is demand abroad widely not to mention the country.
Because there are many purchase suppliers exporting it abroad, it is made a deal at a high price now.
Even if there is the person considered that there is not a design cool, is coolness necessary for a commercial vehicle?
In addition, the thing which I can be satisfied with for designing it comes up recently.
As both a commercial vehicle and a means of transportation to be able to get on in whole family, there is no such superior thing.
It will be a Van firmly if you want the car which becomes the assets.